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Millions of Smiles

The Joomla! team has millions of good reasons to be smiling about the Joomla! 1.5. In its current incarnation, it's had millions of downloads, taking it to an unprecedented level of popularity. The new code base is almost an entire re-factor of the old code base. The user experience is still extremely slick but for developers the API is a dream. A proper framework for real PHP architects seeking the best of the best.

If you're a former Mambo User or a 1.0 series Joomla! User, 1.5 is the future of CMSs for a number of reasons. It's more powerful, more flexible, more secure, and intuitive. Our developers and interface designers have worked countless hours to make this the most exciting release in the content management system sphere.

Go on ... get your FREE copy of Joomla! today and spread the word about this benchmark project.

We are Volunteers

The Joomla Core Team and Working Group members are volunteer developers, designers, administrators and managers who have worked together to take Joomla! to new heights in its relatively short life. Joomla! has some wonderfully talented people taking Open Source concepts to the forefront of industry standards. Joomla! 1.5 is a major leap forward and represents the most exciting Joomla! release in the history of the project.

RokFeatureTable Module

RokFeatureTable is a template integrated module that is designed to show tabular data in a stylistic, and easy to present manner. The module is downloadable with the other Omnicron extensions.


Core Features

  • Unlimited Rows
  • Extensive data control
  • Highlight Column Control


  • Assign custom classes
  • Custom CSS styles
  • Template specific layouts

Usage Examples

  • Price Comparisons
  • Feature Comparisons
  • Service Matrix


Module Configuration

Edit the module from Admin → Extensions → Module Manager → RokFeatureTable.

  • Module Class Suffix: Appends a class for individual styling - featuretable is used on this demo.
  • Highlight Column: Select which of the columns is highlighted by default.
  • Preset Templates: Load a predefined template layout.
  • Layout Settings: See below


Layout Settings

Select Layout Settings to activate the javascript popup. Here you can have up to 6 column, and an unlimited number of rows. For each row you can define class, subline, link and style.


Forum Tutorial: Setting Up RokFeatureTable Module

Joomla! Security Strike Team

The Joomla! Project has assembled a top-notch team of experts to form the new Joomla! Security Strike Team. This new team will solely focus on investigating and resolving security issues. Instead of working in relative secrecy, the JSST will have a strong public-facing presence at the Joomla! Security Center.

Read more: Joomla! Security Strike Team

More Frequently Asked Questions

  • Verwenden wir Zusatzstoffe?

Nein. Unsere Produkte sind frei von Fließmitteln, Füllstoffen, Aromen oder ähnlichen, was nicht in die Kapseln soll.

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  • Tierische Bestandteile?

Vom Produkt (ausser trierischen Ursprungs) bis zur Kapselhülle verwenden wir nur pflanzliche Bestandteile.

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  • Wie schnell liefern wir?

Ihre Bestellung wird in der Regel von unserer Versdandabteilung am Tag der Bestellung versandfertig gemacht.

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  • Lieferung auf Rechnung?

Bis zu einem Bestellwert von 100€ liefern wir Ihre Bestellung auf Rechnung mit einem Zahlungsziel von 14 Tagen.

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